Tips on How to Start a Survival Fire


It is always good for you to know how to start a fire to be ready for any unexpected situations. There are actually plenty of ways on how to start a survival fire. Fire can keep you warm, help you cook your own food or dry your clothes in a survival situation.


Fire can be either good or bad for you. It can only help you when you know how to use it properly. If not, then danger will surely come. So, be sure that you’re old enough to try this tips below.


  1. Whatever method you’re going to use to start up a fire, always begin with gathering small twigs or tinder. You can get dry grasses or straws that you can see around. Gather finger-sized woods and larger ones too. Be sure that you have enough because you don’t want to lose the fire you have lighten up just because you run out of woods. It is also very important for you clear the area from other debris like leaves. This is to prevent the fire from accidentally spreading into where you don’t want it to. It is also good to have water near you in case of emergency. Take note that a windy day or in extremely dry place is not perfect to start a fire.


  1. It is always advisable for you to carry a disposable cigarette lighter when going to the woods. They won’t take so much space, so they are good to bring with you.


  1. Consider also carrying a flashlight. You can use the batteries in starting a fire. A steel wool can also be a great help. These are made up of metal fibers that will cause the batteries to glow orange. A steel wool will make a great back-up since lighters sometimes don’t work.To get more ideas on how to start a survival fire, go to


  1. Have a flint and steel at your survival kit. You can strike these two to make a spark in your tinder. You can also strike your steel on a stone, however, it will require you some skills. It is not recommended for you to use your knife in starting a fire because your knife will have a greater purpose in your survival situation. In case you need to use it, just use your blade’s back.


  1. Finally, use the EverStryke Pro friction method. The fire bow is the most popular methods among the others. This will need a shoe lace to create a tiny bow. You’ll also need a fire board and wood for the drill. This may sound so simple, but you need to practice a lot to get it right.

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