How To Successfully Build A Survival Fire


When one is out there camping or in the cold, it is critical to know how to build a fire for survival. The fire will greatly help you from freezing to death since you will keep warm. It is essential to know how to build a fire even without basic things such as the match box. It is important that you acquire some knowledge on how to build a fire for survival and practice some ways of achieving this.


For you to achieve success in building a fire, you need to check on your location. You should choose To build a fire somewhere near your shelter. It is right for one to choose an area that is below the canopy of a covering tree where limbs are slightly high. You also need to select a fire place that is not directly facing the direction of the wind as this may frustrate your efforts to build survival fire. You should carefully examine the condition on the ground and ensure that you are building a fire on a ground that is completely dry. If the area surrounds your shelter is completely wet, you should consider setting up a base where the survival fire will rest on so that you can accomplish your initial plan of lighting fire. Watch cotton ball fire starter video here!


You need to find fuel for building your fire. If you are in the forest where there is plenty of wood that is dead and dead dry leaves, these are essential in feeding a fire. You can also look for dry dung, grass, built and tied into knots will burn for long. You then should progress in finding tinder which are the materials that are used to catch a spark. You can consider finding fallen tree or limb to act as your tinder. You can scrape up a log using your knife to create a bed spongy dead wood. If the outside is wet, you can dig more of the inside with your knife to get drier parts.To gain more knowledge on how to start survival fire, go to


It is important to bring your tinder to avoid the struggle of getting tinder especially in places where it is a big struggle. There are several tinders that you should carry in your Ferro rod survival kits such as cotton balls,  steel wool, lighter wood and dryer lint. You can also use a char cloth that is made from heating a cloth until it is no longer smoking then storing it in a container. You need to practice these methods so that you can have all this knowledge of building a survival fire when you may be out there where you may need it the most.


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