Different Methods Of Building A Survival Fire


There are various methods of building fire without matches while out there camping or in the forest doing research or basically when at home. You need to be equipped with the various steps that are involved after you set the spark because tinder burns up quickly. You should be ready such that your fire will get going immediately you try out the first tinder. You should gather a bundle of twigs into a bunch of wild flowers and hold them firmly at the bottom of the narrow ends facing up. Your tinder bundle should be adjusted from the bottom in such a way that it will stand up in the fire pit. When you are ready to set spark to your tinder nest, you should then push tinder into the bottom of the bundle, igniting the whole thing.


You can also start a fire with friction. A spark is formed through friction once you strike the steel against the flint at https://www.everstrykematch.com/. Once you place your tinder bundle to catch the sparks, you should proceed to blow the spark to live. Getting to start a fire using friction may be challenging, but one can master the process and practice on their own. Another method of starting survival fire is by the use of the lens. This method works well when there is the sun. You need to have a lens from reading glasses, magnifying glass, a lens from a camera or even the lens from the end of a flashlight. The lens should then be held and tilted to focus the sun into a fine point of light. This should be held on the tender nest until it lights it up. The hard should be steady so that it can build a lot of heat to ignite the tinder.


One can also create lenses from unusual items such as the ice, coke bottle, water bottle and a bag of water. These can act as lenses and used to ignite a fire. It is successful to focus on a material that is a bit darker than materials that are light. When building up a spark using lenses you need to be more creative and have a lot of patience. Always focus on holding the lens in place until you get genuine sparks that you will use on your tender nest to kindle the fire.To read more on the advantages of knowing how to build a survival fire, you can check out https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Survival_kit.


You can also make use of batteries and steel wool to start a fire for survival. You can stretch the steel wool to reach both ends of a battery. The steel wool will be ignited immediately. This method is straightforward to use to get your survival fire. You can also use a battery and an aluminum gum wrapper. The chewing gum wrapper should be shaped into an hour glass shape with round ends and very narrow in the middle. The shape works on concentrating the flow of electricity to the center hence igniting the paper very quickly. Once you get a spark with above methods, you should blow it smoothly to create a flame and proceed to move it into a bundle of kindling to start your survival fire. Know how to use a Ferro rod here!


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